I have always had problems with my teeth.

While on a hill walking holiday based from the city of Kragujevac, which is two hours south of Belgrade, I heard about an excellent dentist and went to see her. Dr Kandic spotted the problems immediately and outlined the possible treatments. Following an instant full jaw x-ray at a local clinic (£9) she gave an estimate for the full restoration of my teeth.

I returned home. We decided to have the work done about one month later. My wife wanted to have some teeth repaired and whitened as
well. We returned to the house owned by Sasha and his wife Tish.Sasha met us and returned us directly to the airport in Belgrade and
took us to and from the dentist every day. Sasha speaks perfect English and is an excellent interpreter and Tish is British. They made our stay effortless and problem free and are excellent attentive hosts.

The work was to take ten days but we decided that two weeks would allow extra time if it was needed. The surgery was a bit more extensive than envisaged so it proved to be a good decision.

I'm absolutely delighted with the results.

Dr Mirjana Kandic is a top rate reconstructive dentist. She painlessly replaced all my 'upstairs' teeth with crowns and bridges on a titanium
base. My underlying gum and jawbone infections were resolved by surgery and all the amalgam fillings were replaced. Mirjana has a
limited amount of spoken English but Sasha was always there at the beginning and end of the sessions to interpret and Mirjana's husband
helps with translations as well. Although Mirjana could not chat to me easily she spoke to my teeth individually, in Serbian, as if they
were close friends. She was always very gentle and incredibly thorough.

We had a couple of days off in the middle of the treatment while the titanium bases were being lazered in Belgrade. The daily visits over
eleven days have resolved all my teeth problems. I now have perfect natural looking teeth with no gum or bone infections and no gaps. My teeth are much admired for their quality and for their incredible value.


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