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Dr. Mirjana Kandic, born in 1966, is a specialist in dental prosthetics. She graduated from the Dental Faculty of the Belgrade University in 1993.

She obtained a master’s degree in the field of dental prosthetics from the same university in 2006. Dr Kandic is a married mother-of-three.

Dr. Kandic continuously follows advancements in modern dentistry, gains new, applicable knowledge, uses means and materials of the highest quality, and all of that in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of her patients.

Special attention is given to the constant education of our employees. Our commitment to progress is awarded with multiple certificates from the scientific conferences in Serbia and abroad.

Our Mission

Since the very beginning of our work, our mission has been to raise the standard of our services and to provide our patients with all the services that modern dentistry, with its development, has to offer. Accordingly, we have adopted a doctrinal attitude that permits only the specialists in their fields to deal with the corresponding problems in dentistry.

The work of many years standing, helped us build contacts and collaboration with our most recognized experts from various fields of dentistry. For the works in the field of oral surgery, implatology, and jaw orthopedics, we hire professors from the Belgrade University.

Such an approach guarantees the high standard of our services, to the great satisfaction of our patients, both from home and abroad.


The next generation of Kandic family will go in for dentistry. This guarantees that the entire family invests all its efforts, both intellectual and physical, in the development of the clinic.

We try to follow all the advancements and changes that happen rapidly in modern dentistry, and to keep up with these.

We try to attend the most relevant educational events in the domain of dentistry, both in the country and abroad, in order to provide the best possible service to our patients and to make all the achievements of the modern dentistry available to them.

The satisfaction of our patients makes us happy and we will try our best not to disappoint them.


Mobile prosthetics represent dental restorations - dentures, while fixed prosthesis represents the installation of crowns and bridges.

Conservative and endodontics.

Conservative dental care with restoration and root canal treatment.


Surgery involves a series of surgical procedures such as severe tooth extraction, apicotomy and removal of cysts.

Teeth whitening

The process of removing various stains and discoloration from the tooth surface.


Installation of specially designed implants to compensate for the root of the tooth.


Diagnosis and treatment of irregularities of teeth, jaws and face in children and adults.

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Who are we and where are we?

Establishment of dental office and its location

Dental practice Dr Kandic is located in Kragujevac with a population of 200,000, 140km from Belgrade. It was founded by Dr. Mirjana Kandic is a specialist in dental prosthetics.

High standards of dental practice

Pleasant ambience 

An office decorated to a high standard of private dental practice, the cozy atmosphere of the waiting room, the friendly and immediate staff will make you feel relaxed.

New trends in dentistry

Dental tourism

Dental tourism is a special sector of tourism known as medical tourism. It covers individuals seeking dental services outside of their local healthcare systems. Such a stay can also be accompanied by other traditional activities.

Modern equipment and methods

Dentistry for the 21st Century keeps pace with global trends

Since its inception, the clinic aims to take serious care of modern dentistry and accordingly utilize modern methods, equipment and protocols in dental practice.

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