Dental tourism

Our clinic provides:

We help you to
find the best
flights to Belgrade and Niš

Transportation from/to the airport
and our clinic

Local mobile number to you
is available

We provide discounts on
accommodation in apartments with 3
or 4 stars

Tourist information

Translator throughout
stay in Kragujevac

Our team is at
available 24 hours

What is Dental Tourism?

People from Western Europe, United States,and Canada increasingly go to other countries for dental services. In other words, people visit dental clinics in foreign countries when they have dental problems.
This phenomenon is called dental tourism.

The main reason why people go to other countries to solve their dental problems, are different prices of dental services, that can be multiple times more expemsive in one Europen country compared to the other. The prices of dental services are determined, above all, by the standard of living, labour prices, and business environment of the country.

Thus, for example, due to the high prices of labor and standard of living, the price list of dental services in Switzerland is many times larger than the one in Serbia, even though the expertise of the staff and the quality of the equipment and the service are on the same level . Due to this, increasingly more people decide to visit dentists in countries with a lower standard of living.

Why is the Kandic Dental clinic a right choice for you?

Kandic Dental Clinic is one of the clinics that offer the possibility of dental tourism. Here are some of the reasons why Kandic Dental Clinic is your best choice:

Competent and professional team

Kandic Dental Clinic has an extremely competent and professional team made of specialists in oral surgery, jawbone orthopedics, oral medicine and periodontology, and a general dentist.

Due to its professional team, Kandic Clinic offers a large number of dental services. Almost every problem you have, we are able to solve.

Top-notch equipment

Kandic Dental Clinic has a very high quality equipment. The manufacturer of the dental chairs is worldly famous firm Sirona.

High-quality materials

Materials used are of an exceptional quality and in line with world trends. Implants of the famous Swiss company Straumann Basel or white fillings and cements of the American manufacturer Gradia and GC, can serve as examples.

What is offered, beside dental services?

Beside dental services, the clinic offers the possibility of organizing activities included into the dental tourism:

  1. Help in finding the cheapest flights for Belgrade and Nis
  2. Providing transportation to/from the airport and our clinic
  3. A ccess to a local phone number
  4. Providing discounts on the accommodation with three to four stars
  5. Access to tourist information
  6. Available translator during the entire stay in Kragujevac
  7. Our team is available to you 24 hours

If you have opted for dental tourism, Kandic Dental Clinic is certainly the best choice. For all
additional information feel free to contact us.


We provide discount on accommodation during patient stay in beautifully decorated three and four star apartments.