Implantology has revolutionized dentistry by allowing a new way of resolving serfdom in humans. Dental implant is a specially designed cylindrical screw, most commonly made of titanium, that makes up for the root of the tooth.

What to choose?

The size and the type of an implant that will be embedded, is determined by the dimensions of the jawbone. If the size of the bone is insufficient, it might be necessary to execute some preparatory work in order to increase the size of the bone and augmentate the bone.Then, it is necessary to wait for osseointegration of the artificial bone to happen.

Conditions of the Successful Treatment

Precondition of the successful implatological treatment is a detailed clinical examination and analysis of every patient. Only a well educated therapist can execute these procedures successfully.

Clinic Dr Kandic has been using Straumann implants as a premium brand for years, and Izraeli Alpha Bio implants as economically affordable ones.